Episode 7: Stories from a street in Hollywood


I used to live on Lanewood Ave in the center of Hollywood, two blocks south of the The Hollywood Roosevelt. I was there from 2003 to about 2013. I was on the ground floor and my apartment faced the street. I saw so many strange and funny things outside that window. Everything from car alarms that woke you up nightly, homeless collecting so many cans I thought they should be CEOs of corporations, drunk girls drunk texting at 2:30am and a guy with no pants on begging for a cigarette.

“The Lanes shared their wealth with causes that were closest to their hearts. Because of her interest in community parks, Katherine was known as the “Tree Lady.” Hollywood’s Lanewood Avenue (named after Lane’s twice-married mother, Olive Pickett Lane-Wood), is still lined with large pine trees which Katherine most likely planted since the Lane’s once owned the land.

Lanewood Avenue, named after Olive Pickett Lane-Wood, in Hollywood. The pine trees that line the street were most likely planted by Katherine Lane.

She was chairman of the tree-planting committee that procured 360 cherry trees from Japan for planting around Griffith Park. Working with the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Katherine is responsible for the planting of the landmark palm trees that line Wilshire Boulevard.

Katherine was elected president of the Hollywood Women’s Club and was the founder of the Round-the-World Club, Lane Tree Club, Perry Art Club and The Juniors. She also joined such organizations as the Hollywood Club, Oshkosh Club, Ebell Club, Women’s Press Club, Daughters of the American Revolution and Casa Del Mar. In 1932, she hosted the Wisconsin delegates of the 1932 Olympics, which were held in Los Angeles.” — Hollywoodland

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