With  V. Sheshadri  – Mysore, India

With V. Sheshadri – Mysore, India

With  BNS Iyengar  – Mysore, India

With BNS Iyengar – Mysore, India

With  Nagaraja S. Pande  – Mysore, India

With Nagaraja S. Pande – Mysore, India

Daniel has two teaching certificates from his studies in Mysore, India and teaches Vinyasa yoga with roots in Ashtanga. Daniel’s teaching is laced with a sense of humor and a down-to-earth attitude that makes yoga accessible to anyone willing to show up for the gig. “You’re living your dream… don’t miss it.”

2005 - Starts as a substitute teacher at Runyon Canyon Yoga.

2006 – Completes teacher apprenticeship in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in Mysore, India with Sri V. Sheshadri, as well as studies in Yoga Therapy with Dr. V. Nagaraj. Starts permanent position as Runyon Canyon Yoga teacher.

2007 – Starts evening classes (Sunset Yoga) at Runyon Canyon.

2008 – Publishes yoga and travel book, Leaving Stress Behind. Spearheads 5-day benefit classes for the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, an organization that has been feeding the homeless every day since 1987. Starts Black Market Yoga, evening classes in non-traditional yoga venues.

2009 – Records album of “yoga music” with his Dharma Gypsys project. Begins writing for LA Yoga Magazine. Teaches first yoga class at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, “Yoga on the Dark Side of the Moon” (to the music of Pink Floyd).

2010 – Returns to Mysore, India and studies Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with BNS Iyengar, Swara yoga with HR Shuresh, and mediation and yogic philosophy with Nagaraja S. Pande as his only western student.

2011 – Heads the Los Angeles leg of Yoga Stops Traffick, a one-day, global event to stop human trafficking.

2012 – Begins teaching corporate classes. Heads second year of Yoga Stops Traffick in Los Angeles.

2013 – Produces one-hour yoga video, “Live at Runyon Canyon.”

2014 - Records second Dharma Gypsys album. Heads LA’s third Yoga Stops Traffick event.

2015 – Publishes "Yoga for Musicians" as feature article in LA Yoga Magazine.

2016 - Leads two-day yoga fundraiser for the people defending Standing Rock.

2017 - Speaks and teaches “Yoga for Musicians" at the Yoga of Sound Conference. Works with private clients to address issues of male infertility, with 100% success rate.

2019 - Starts “Daniel Overberger - What Now?” podcast, discussing creativity, yoga, music, life and whatever comes up as the stories unfold.