Episode 12: Jules Muck (graffiti artist)

Jules Muck - graffiti artist - Humping Bunnies

Jules Muck began writing graffiti as a teen in Europe and England in the 90s. Back in NYC she worked under Lady Pink for many years. Muck bombed with Spek and Since and was painting highways and rooftops with BTC throughout the late nineties. Her first interview in 1999 was by Zephyr for While You Were Sleeping magazine. Smith took Muck into the NYC subway tunnels and the freight yards. Muck was christened into graffiti by some great early legends. She has been published in numerous books including Broken Windows, Burning New York, Ganz’s Graffiti Women and Cey Adams' The Art and Design of Hip Hop.

Muck has had work in numerous collaborative projects such as the Wooster Collective, 11 Spring Street, and Hanksy’s Surplus Candy. She was one of the first females to paint at 106th and Park Hall of Fame in NYC and did an installation with the Guerrilla Girls for the lobby of the Bronx Museum of Art. She has painted murals for TV shows and movies including Under the Dome, Mr. Mercedes and IT. Muck has produced several large-scale murals in Wynwood for Miami’s Art Basel.

She travels and paints often in New York, New Orleans, Texas and anywhere else she can. The landscape of Venice Beach remains the most Mucked place in the world, as her Venice home and studio is her favorite place to be.

“Muckrock” is the IG handle she chose as an ode to graffiti’s hip hop roots but it has come to represent her obsession with all things music. She has painted over 5 memorial murals for Motorhead’s Lemmy, including one at the Rainbow Bar and Grill and a 40 ft Mt. Lemmy at Dave Grohl’s recording studio in LA. Pixie’s Video Classic Masher features a stop-motion Muck mouth, Engelbert Humperdinck’s house in Bel air has been Mucked, and her work is collected by Everlast and Ministry’s Al Jourgensen.

Humanitarian efforts have included painting murals in Syrian Refugee camps, Miami’s Juvenile Detention Center and several large scale Bernie Sanders pieces. Muck’s real passion is to paint on things she’s not supposed to paint on but those opportunities are rapidly decreasing as she is ever invited to paint on more and more walls and things. She enjoys painting humping bunnies on RVs and dressing up any manner of vehicle.


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