Episode 10: Grace O'Connor (transgender therapist - yogi)

Grace O'Connor

Grace has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. She has served the trans population at the Colors LGBTQ Youth Counseling Center and Pride Recovery LA as a group facilitator and primary therapist. She also sits on the trans advisory board of Trans-Form, the only residential treatment program in the nation specifically serving the trans population.

This conversation offers a look inside the journey and the world of a trans person… and shows that there are a lot more variations on the theme of being human than we might imagine.

Grace is a Marriage & Family Therapist serving the trans community in Hollywood. You can find her profile on Psychology Today or contact her directly at (818) 714-1878 or gmichelleoc@gmail.com.

Trans Lifeline (7am-1am PST / 9am-3am CST / 10am-4am EST): 877-565-8860 (US) / 877-330-6366 (CA)

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